The groundwater in South Sudan is used largely for human and livestock’s needs


Koyom Sanitary and Hygiene Initiative (KSHI) is a South Sudanese Non-Profit community based organization that sensitize water as life of the war torn country South Sudan.

The areas that are cover by KSHI are mostly semi-arid zone (desert areas) that border North Sudan and are normally called Northern Bhar El Ghazal States and Gok or the savannah of the North Western part of South Sudan.

Therefore, the depth of the water table’s very low from 20 to 50ft. These aquifers include the LOL and Kiir Adem highland.

Groundwater occurs in fractured and weathered zones. They form variably thick and variably productive aquifers depending on the degree of the permeability developed by fracture and weathering.

It’s about few meters to several hundreds of meters thick and from very low to high aquifer productive. The aquifers are typically unconfined. Boreholes are abstracting from the aquifer range from 10 to 15 ft. deep. With that low, boreholes are advisable to be dug in the low land areas by the local with supervision from experienced person from KSHI. The groundwater in South Sudan is used largely for human and livestock’s needs, with relatively small of abstraction for small-scale of irrigation.

our mission

The project aim is to spearhead the problems that hinder the health and quality of life for the poor people in the rural areas of South Sudan. Due to lack of clean water, KSHI is committed to bring a positive change as far as attitude is concerned.

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Contribute and donate to save life of the people of South Sudan who are thirsty like anyone else in the World, but lack water or clean water to quench their thirst


Koyom Sanitary and Hygienic Initiative is a nonprofit organization with no religious, ethnicity and political party affiliation. KSHI has a vision of providing rural inhabitant with cleans drinking water, and promote personal hygiene from household level to the community in general. And provide guide line of health awareness for the people to live better and healthy life.


Koyom Sanitary and Hygienic Initiative is a non-profit corporation organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and/or scientific purposes under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3) or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.